About Us

Humber beginnings, our difference, and our goal.

Humber Beginning

In 2021, Pinkxmile was created by three teeth whitening experts from teeth whitening gel factory, trying to discover the missing link in teeth whitening products. Professional teeth whitening treatments were too expensive and could cause sensitivity, while at home products were faulty and inconsistent. They began working tirelessly to find a solution. After one full year of research, Pinkxmile was born and formulated a teeth whitening kit that was available to anyone.

Why Pink?

The color pink, is thought to be a color associated with love, kindness and approach-ability. Pink takes all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, leaving us with the motion of tenderness and affection. That’s how we definite SMILE. We make Pinkxmile a technology-driven brand with friendship, affection, harmony and inner peace.

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New Formulas Each Year

Every smile tells a story. And that story should have a brilliant beginning – the formula.

After years of research, we found our superstar ingredient. PAP and PAP+ are organic peracid capable of breaking down tooth stains & yellowing without affecting soft tissue or the mineral composition of teeth.

We wanted to provide a safe and effective alternative, so we built a brand that stands for confidence and reliability. With Pinkxmile, you can be confident not just in your smile, but in the products we’ve developed to help you whiten it. Our products do not contain any unproven teeth whitening ingredients.